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Seamlessly merge every digital touchpoint of your Radio Station. Create your next-gen native apps tailored for seamless integration with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a spectrum of connected devices. Delight in instant browser access with the web-based Play Center, ensuring your content shines across all platforms. Command it all from a centralized Dashboard, epitomizing efficiency.

Streamline Live Broadcasts

Elevate listener engagement with optimal user experiences. Highlight your hosts, encourage direct interaction, and effortlessly centralize multiple stations on one intuitive platform.

Showcase your finest attributes

We swiftly detect tracks in your livestream, enriching your audio portals with metadata including song covers and showcasing each in the livestream history.

Offer Immediate Replay

After live broadcasts, promptly offer shows and audio formats for replay. Ensure all your crafted content is on-demand across your digital platforms..

Stand for Podcasting Excellence

Provide a blend of your in-house and external podcasts. Empower users to curate their listening experience by marking favorite episodes and savoring them offline.


Add Interactive Music Playlists

Serve top-notch curated playlists with seamless song transitions. Grant your users the flexibility to replay or skip tracks, all available for offline enjoyment.


Include Personalized Radio

Allow users to sculpt their own station experience, targeting selections from your rich content reservoir. Through diverse music genres and spoken pieces, they design their personalized broadcast.

Engage with Hot Button Contests

Unveil enticing contests for your registered users. With the hot button feature, participation becomes a one-click affair, eliminating tedious forms.

Present Your Multimedia Newsroom

Pen immersive articles, seamlessly woven with images, videos, and social posts. Utilize categorization for an enriched and organized editorial showcase.

Add Live and On Demand Video

Seamlessly integrate your videos at top quality, whether you're streaming live or providing on-demand content.

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Control everything with maximum efficiency

We provide an integrated management solution accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. Centralize control over all user interfaces, including apps, web players, and other applications. Design and curate your content seamlessly within the cloud

The Dashboard

Navigate your audio portals effortlessly. Change your designs, create content, access analytics or user data, analyze your revenues and plan your campaigns - all centralized and cloud-based.

Cloud Audio

Introducing a comprehensive solution for cloud-based audio content creation. Craft live streams and interactive playlists directly from the cloud. Utilize our advanced music scheduling and online audio editor, all while enjoying centralized cloud access to your entire audio library.

Artificial intelligence for your music database

Gain immediate insights into your music database with our AI Meatdata analysis. Automatically receive genres, sub-genres, moods, harmonies, vocals, song dynamics, relevant keywords, and beyond. With this enriched data at your fingertips, craft personalized audio content and streamline your content creation process for significant time efficiency.


The premier toolkit for revenue optimization

We provide the most comprehensive suite of monetization solutions. Partner with us, and you can begin generating revenue from the very first day. Should you choose not to place your own advertisements, we offer to effectively market your portals for you.


Earn from day one

Join our Managed Ads Program and witness immediate earnings. We seamlessly curate and position ads on your portals, delivering consistent weekly payouts to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have an App. Can I use your solution?

Certainly. By granting us access to your App Store Connect and Google Play Console, we can seamlessly update your app. This ensures that users will effortlessly receive the latest version as an update.

Can I choose my own domain for the Web Player?

Absolutely! This feature is available in both our "Grow" and "Pro" plans. However, with our "Free" plan, your domain will be ""."

How long will it take for my apps to be live?

After you've finalized the necessary details and steps during the onboarding, we'll submit your apps to Apple and Google. Typically, the review and approval process takes up to 48 hours on weekdays. However, there are occasional exceptions where it might take longer, and unfortunately, we don't have control over these delays.

Why is a credit card required for the "Free" plan?

After initiating your "Free" subscription with us, your portals need to maintain a minimum of 99 sessions daily within 3 months to remain on the "Free" plan. If you fall short of this threshold, you can either remove your portals or opt for a monthly fee of $9.99. Should you later achieve the 99 daily sessions, the fee will be waived. Rest assured, we will notify you via email before any charges are applied to your account.

Can I publish multiple apps with the same account?

Certainly, that can be arranged. However, we'll need to enable this feature for your account. Kindly complete this form, and we'll reach out to you within 48 hours upon receiving your submission.

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