Your podcast, your platform

Take over full control of your podcast’s revenue, audience, and expansion - with your own podcast app and website. We offer the essential platform to significantly enhance your podcast's reach and impact.

Your new podcast app

Present your own podcast app, available in the App Store and Google Play Store with support for CarPlay, Android Auto, Airplay, Chromecast and Bluetooth.

Your podcast player-website

Introducing your sleek, mobile-responsive podcast website. Share your podcast player on social media and seamlessly convert web users to app users.

Automated podcast import

Utilize podcast RSS feeds to seamlessly display all podcasts and episodes both in your app and on your website. Once connected, our system autonomously updates with new episodes, preserving detailed metadata for an enriched user experience.

Unlock 50+ pre-developed features

Elevate your platform to a premier podcasting destination. Enhance user engagement with functionalities such as offline listening, favorite-saving, user notifications, and a sleep timer. Plus, introduce an in-app wallet where users can enjoy exclusive discounts from your podcast sponsors.

Know your listeners

Facilitate easy access with single sign-in options via Google or Apple, or allow users to register with their email. Gather essential data including email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses. Keep them in the loop with updates on events or new episodes, and introduce them to offerings from your sponsors.

Manage access levels

Freely control user content access. For example, stipulate either user registration or a premium in-app subscription for accessing the latest podcast episodes. This strategy enables you to utilize your content for data gathering or direct revenue generation.

Add video and editorial content

Hosting a video podcast? Effortlessly integrate your videos via the original video URL. Keep your audience engaged with rich media articles that provide the latest news, and spice things up by organizing contests for enticing giveaways.

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The premier toolkit for revenue optimization

We provide the most comprehensive suite of monetization solutions. Partner with us, and you can begin generating revenue from the very first day.


Earn from day one

Join our Managed Ads Program and witness immediate earnings. We seamlessly curate and position ads on your portals, delivering consistent weekly payouts to you.

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Control everything with maximum efficiency

We provide an integrated management solution accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. Centralize control over all user interfaces, including apps and websites.

The Dashboard

Navigate your podcast portals effortlessly. Change your designs, create content, access analytics or user data, analyze your revenues and plan your campaigns - all centralized and cloud-based.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have an App. Can I use your solution?

Certainly. By granting us access to your App Store Connect and Google Play Console, we can seamlessly update your app. This ensures that users will effortlessly receive the latest version as an update.

Can I choose my own domain for the Web Player?

Absolutely! This feature is available in both our "Grow" and "Pro" plans. However, with our "Free" plan, your domain will be "yourbrand.theaudiospace.com"."

How long will it take for my apps to be live?

After you've finalized the necessary details and steps during the onboarding, we'll submit your apps to Apple and Google. Typically, the review and approval process takes up to 48 hours on weekdays. However, there are occasional exceptions where it might take longer, and unfortunately, we don't have control over these delays.

Can I publish multiple apps with the same account?

Certainly, that can be arranged. However, we'll need to enable this feature for your account. Kindly complete this form, and we'll reach out to you within 48 hours upon receiving your submission.

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